Sunday, 14 May 2017

Expert Hour - what will you choose?

Today we need to decide on the project you will complete over the next three weeks.

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By the end of the project you need to present your work back to the class.

Your presentation can be 

  • a display
  • something you have made, with explanation
  • a video
  • a digital object (website, timeline, online petition etc)
You need to consider any materials you need and provide a list to the teacher, some you will be asked to source yourself. You need to make a link to how your project develops good citizenship.

Do you want to 
  • Learn a skill that helps people
  • Create a series of book or game reviews
  • Change the world or fix some problem.
Each lesson you are required to write a blog post of your progress.  


  1. i think i will make miniture game about cleaning up stuf and growing trees keeping the temp down(global warming)

  2. I think i will be doing a project about littering, and believe its a problem in the environment and Greyhigh :)
    Mitchell, Brayden and I will create posters to go around the school to help people care more about what they do with there rubbish, it is not okay to liter.

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  4. I think we will make a pot plant to put in the garden

  5. I am intrested in doing recycleing work about greymouth school